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3 October 2023
Contact details: / 023-75 17 200

Subject: Update on the new GFT containers in your neighborhood

Dear occupant,

This summer we placed four new GFT containers in your neighborhood. They are now being used by many residents. This is good news, because separated vegetable, fruit and garden waste (gft) and food waste are made into compost and biogas. Time to see how things are going.

Help us evaluate and win
We would like to hear how you experienced the placement of the new GFT containers. Even if you do not use the containers, we would like to hear your opinion. Will you help us by completing the survey? You can do so via: (in Dutch online). We will use the results to improve the separation of organic waste in the rest of the city center. Among the participants we raffle three gift vouchers worth € 30 for a sustainable lunch at ‘Bij Lima’.

Tips for separating kitchen and garden waste
1. Collect the free kitchen and garden waste container: Have you not yet collected the free kitchen and garden waste container? Do so, because it makes the separation of kitchen organic waste and food waste much easier. You can pick up the bin at the Recycle Trolley on the Botermarkt: every 14 days on Fridays (even weeks) from 09.00 – 11.00 hours. The next dates are: October 13, October 27, November 10 and November 24. Can’t make it? Then go to Spaarnelanden’s customer service (Mon. to Fri. 08:00 – 16:30).
2. Use biodegradable bags only: They can be recognized by the seedling or OK Compost logo and can be purchased at supermarkets or stores such as Action and Zeeman. Do you still want to use other bags? Then only empty the contents into the GFT container and dispose of the bag separately.
3. Use the ‘Afvalwijzer(app): What does and does not belong in the green bin? And where are the new containers? You can find this information in the waste guide: or download the app ‘afvalwijzer Spaarnelanden’ (iOS and Android).

What happens next?
In principle, the new GFT containers will remain in place. We will continue to monitor them and look at the results of the study. Then we will decide whether the same approach will follow for the rest of the city center, so that everyone in the city center can separate GFT and food waste close to home.

Thank you for your cooperation and involvement in improving our living environment. Together we make a difference!

Marijke de Vries
Project Manager Continuation Waste Separation



5 juli 2023
Contact details: / 023-75 17 200

Subject: New GFT containers in your neighbourhood

Dear occupant,

In May this year you received a letter about solutions for separating GFT (organic waste such as vegetable, fruit and garden waste) and leftover food in your neighbourhood. On May 25 and 31, we spoke to many local occupants. Based on these conversations, we determined the locations and types of GFT containers that will be placed in your neighbourhood. In that way it will get easier to separate GFT and leftover food.

Where will the new GFT containers be placed?
Between July 18 and 21, 2023, GFT containers will be placed at four locations in your neighbourhood.

  1. Corner of Nassaustraat/Kruisstraat
  2. Krocht
  3. Corner of Ridderstraat/Jansstraat
  4. Corner of Ceciliasteeg/Jansstraat

Open the new GFT containers with your current waste disposal card
In your neighbourhood, we will place small containers. These can be opened by using the foot pedal. In this way we hope the use of the containers is as pleasant and clean as possible. You can use all four of the new GFT containers. They open with your current waste disposal card (afvalpas). The card control is to prevent passers-by from disposing any other waste.

How do you open the GFT container with your waste card?

  1. Place you waste disposal card in front of the reader.
  2. Open the container using the foot pedal or handle.
  3. Throw your GFT and food waste in the container (optionally in a biodegradable bag)

Collecting a kitchen bin or in need for more information? This is possible on July 13 and 19 
With a kitchen bin on your kitchen counter, it becomes easy to separate food waste in your kitchen. The past few months you have been able to choose a kitchen bin. You can pick up this bin on two occasions. Did you not send us your choice? Then you can still pick up a kitchen bin, but only while supplies last. We are also available for questions. We will be in your neighbourhood on:

  • Thursday, July 13, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.. Location: Schapenplein
  • Wednesday, July 19, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Location: Wijngaardtuin

Together we make work of GFT and food waste
We have noticed that many of you are already actively separating organic waste. That’s good news for the environment! Didn’t you start separating kitchen and food waste yet? Then we hope that the new containers and the free kitchen bin make it easy to start. Gft and leftover food are turned into compost (for farmers) and biogas (for heating houses).

Designation decision
A designation decree for these new GFT containers will be published soon. Do you disagree with one of the locations and do you want to be informed about it? Visit and turn on the email service for your neighborhood via “stay informed”.

Follow-up, questions and comments
After a trial period and the designation decision, we will evaluate whether the new GFT containers are a good solution for your neighbourhood. If necessary, we will make adjustments. Do you have any questions or comments? Then please email us at

Kind regards,

Marijke de Vries
Project Manager Continuation Waste Separation